The protection against theft and accidental damage of the employee bike

GoByBike offers protection against theft and accidental damage for the bike agreed in the lease agreement. 

Please note, that the protection against theft and accidental damage is only valid for maximun 4000€ (vat 24%). This means that if your bike is over 4000€ then the exceeding amount is not covered by the insurance.

The protection covers repair or replacement of the bike in the event of;

  • Accidental Damage (the unintentional damage, breakage or destruction of the bike caused by a sudden or unforeseen event, such that the bike is unusable.)
  • Accidental Loss (an occurrence or event which results in loss of the bike by a Renter which was unintended and could not have been Accidental Loss expected by the Renter.)
  • Theft (attempted theft or the taking away of Your bike without the Renter’s consent and there is evidence of force or threat of force.)
The replacement value of the bike is the purchase price less a monthly age reduction of 1 %. 

Theft protection of your employee bike is only valid if you have registered an approved lock in advance. Activate theft protection by registering an approved lock and the key IDs at GoByBike (Register an approved lock). In case your employee bike is stolen, you are asked to provide all original keys for the registered lock and the key IDs will need to match to the registered information.

The handling fee is 200 €/incident.

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