How to acquire a bike?

Has your employer already joined the service? Great! Here you can find instructions for acquiring and using an employee bike.

You can choose your employee bike freely from any store – just like you would buy a bike for yourself. The only requirement for choosing the bike store is that they are able to invoice the bike from GoByBike.

1. Check if you are eligible for the employee bicycle benefit and sign your employer's bicycle benefit policy 

To ensure that you are eligible for the employee bicycle benefit:

1) check your employer's bicycle benefit policy or 

2) check this with your supervisor or your employer's GoByBike contact person, or

3) read your employer’s bicycle benefit policy and accept the terms with your signature if necessary. 

Most companies require that the bicycle benefit policy is signed before purchasing a bike. 

2. Register yourself at 

Register yourself at to receive your personal GoByBike Order ID. Provide this Order ID to the bike store when purchasing the bike. 

You can register as a GoByBike employee cyclist here. (The registration form is only available in Finnish. Contact us by email at for support in English.)

3. Choose the bike and the accessories

The maximum tax value for the bike and its accessories is 4500 € (vat 24%). If you wish to order a bike that exceeds this value, then the exceeding amount will be paid in advance and the remaining 4500 € will be included in the bike benefit. 

The bike package may contain equipment fixed to the bicycle, a helmet, a lock and stud tires. Other accessories, such as shoes, clothes and gadgets can not be included in the bike package. When ordering the bike online, you can at this moment only choose the bike due to global delivery problems (not the accessories). 

4. Ordering the bike

You can choose the bike from any bike store that can invoice the bike from GoByBike. Choose the bike and the accessories and place your order. The bike store will then be in contact with GoByBike and deliver the needed information about your bike package. 

5. Lease agreement

After receiving all the necessary information from the bike store, we will provide you and your company with the lease agreement for review and to be signed. 

Check the information and accept the electronic lease contract through an email link that will be sent to you. 

Processing the lease contract takes usually 2-5 workdays.

6. Confirm the delivery

After your employer has signed the lease agreement, we will give the bike store permission to hand over the bike.

We will send the confirmation link to your e-mail to wait for finalising the lease agreement.

You can pick up your bike from the store when it's ready. Remember to check that the bike matches the order and that all the accessories are included in the package. After this, you can confirm the delivery.

Confirm the delivery immediately after receiving your bike!

Remember to confirm the delivery in order to use your employee bike and to ensure that e.g. the insurance is in use. 

If you don´t find the confirmation link in your e-mail, please contact us immediately.

7. Register the lock and the keys

Theft protection of your employee bike is only valid if it has been locked with an approved lock. Please note that you have to register your lock in advance. In case your employee bike is stolen, you are asked to provide all original keys for the registered lock.

Remember to register your lock!

Register your lock here.

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