How to order a bike online?

Please note when ordering online! 

Due to global delivery problems, online orders can't be ordered with accessories at this moment. 

We will always place the orders as soon as possible, and we are placing the orders between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays. Depending on the demand, there might be changes in the availability.

If the online store requires that the payment is done when ordering the bike, we need to wait for the lease agreement to be signed before ordering it. See the list below for examples of these online stores:


Both in and XXL you can place the order without any delays in the store. 

Our customer service will be in contact if the ordered bike is for some reason no longer available. 

1. Ordering a bike online 

Place an order here (available only in Finnish at the moment. Contact us by email to for support in English).

Please note that the total price of the bike package also includes the delivery costs of the bike.

When ordering online, note that some international online stores show the price with different VAT (e.g. VAT in Germany is 19%). We will pay the Finnish VAT for the bikes (VAT 24%), so the price might differ from the price shown at the online store. Many of the big online stores have the price with the Finnish VAT 24% (e.g. Bikester, Bike-discount, Canyon). 

Please contact us if your preferred bike store is not on the list in the online order form and we will sort this out. 

Ordering a bike from a Finnish online store 

Often, the easiest way to order from a Finnish online store is to contact the online store's customer service and place the order with chosen accessories as an e-mail order. This allows the store to send an invoice to GoByBike directly and the ordering process is more simple for all parties. Our customer service is happy to help you with any questions about placing the order. 

2. Order confirmation and the delivery schedule 

We will forward you all the order confirmations from the bike store and the information about the delivery schedule. 

Many online stores share a tracking code for the order, which we will deliver to you. 

Delivery delays in online orders

There have been some delays in the deliveries from online stores. Please note, that the delivery schedule given by the online store is always an estimate and can change after placing the order. 

3. Confirm the delivery 

After receiving the bike, immediately check that the bike matches the order, and all the accessories are included in the package. 

Confirm the delivery (the confirmation link has been sent to your e-mail) if the order is as agreed. Remember to fill in the serial number (you can find this on the bike frame) if it is not filled already.  

If there is a fault or something is missing in the delivery contact us immediately at 

Remember to confirm the delivery in order to use your employee bike and to ensure that e.g. the insurance is in use. 

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