Can I return or exchange my bike ?

The 14-day cancellation right described in the Finnish Consumer Act does not apply to employee bikes, as the employee bike was sold from one company to another. This is because GobyBike buys the bike from a bike shop. Thus, the employer has the right to use the bike but does not legally own the bike. The ownership transforms from GoByBike to the employer when the employer has paid the final leasing payment and the redemption payment worth of 5 % of the original price of the bike.

For this reason, the bike shops are not legally obliged to accept a return or an exchange after the leasing contract has been signed.

Most bike shops are, however, very flexible when it comes to returning or exchanging a bike If, for instance, the bike frame is too small for you, we encourage you to contact the bike shop to ask if you could exchange the bike. Many online stores are also willing to return or exchange bikes. A return or an exchange should still always be individually agreed upon with the bike shop.

Please note that these instructions do not apply to a faulty bike. If you have received a faulty bike, please read more about our customer complaint process here

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