How to join GoByBike service?

Joining GoByBike is easy, fast and free. The bike benefit is available to your employees in just a few business days.

1. Employer joins the GoByBike – service

First and foremost, the employer must join the GoByBike service. This is easily done through our website, and we process the service agreement during a business day!

Fill in the employer information on the introduction page and we will send the contracts to you for electronic signing.

Once you have filled in your employer information, we will check your company’s financial situation to ensure the funding of your employees’ bikes. After which you will receive GoByBike service agreement form to be electronically signed.

2. Publishing the bike benefit to employees

You will receive all the necessary material and instructions from us so that publishing the bike benefit to employees is as easy as possible. We also organize open info sessions for employees, in which we walk you through the bicycle benefit from employees perspective and assist with the acquiring process of their bikes.

Bicycle benefit policy

We strongly recommend that the terms and conditions of the bicycle benefit are determined by the employer. For this, we recommend using a bicycle benefit policy. As part of you joining GoByBike -service, we will send you a ready-made policy, which can be modified to suit your needs if needed. We also offer a free online electronic signature service to the bicycle benefit policy, to easily keep track of the signatures.

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