Self-billing service

Our goal at GoByBike is to make the selling and maintaining of bicycle benefit bicycles as easy and convenient as possible. On this topic, we have received feedback mainly regarding two things: heftiness of billing as well as long payment times.
We created a solution for this, where there s no longer need to send bills at all and we can directly pay the bikes and maintenance to your bank account within 24 business hours after handing over the bike to the customer. This new model goes by the name of GoByBike self-billing service.

How does GoByBike self-billing service work?

Self-billing is a method approved by the Finnish tax administration, in which the buyer (GoByBike) creates the bill on behalf of the seller. When you inform us that the bike has been handed over or maintained in GoByBike associate portal, we will create a bill on your behalf based on the info filled in the associate portal and directly approve it to be payed.
Self-billed bills are paid every business day at approximately 13 o'clock. All bikes and maintenance that have been informed to us before 11 o'clock should make it to the billing of the same business day. In the best case scenario, you will receive the payment of a handed over bike in a couple of hours.
After paying the bill, we will send you (and/or directly to your accounting) an e-mail invoice in PDF form. In accounting it is easy to make a sales posting based on the invoice.

What is required to start using self-billing service?

Self-billing service requires a contract between the buyer and the seller. We have created an easy and simple electric form to use with self-billing services. The signatory of the contract is required to have an official right to sign contracts for the company.
After the contract has been signed, we will initiate the self-billing service and inform you of this. All of the purchased bikes and maintenance after this are automatically billed using the self-billing and thus do not require a separate bill to be sent. 
Terms and conditions of self-billing service
We will send you more detailed terms and conditions of the contract if you wish to join the self-billing service. In the terms and conditions, the payment term is set as seven (7) days so that in possible error situations we can always full fill the terms of the contract. Basically the bills are always paid at the latest the following business day after receiving the permit to hand over the bicycle.  

Handling costs of self-billing service

Creating and handling self-billing does generate further costs to us, and as such for each self-billing service paid bill a handling fee of 20 euros (VAT free) is deducted. This fee is not charged for self-billed maintenance.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly explain more!

Phone: 09 74791200

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