Selling a bicycle to GoByBike

1. Choosing a bicycle

A customer comes into the store and is free to choose a bike with equipment.

The bicycle benefit also includes equipment permanently attached to the bike. Permanently attached objects mean basic equipment of the bike. These are lights, a lock, studded tyres, mud guards, bicycle rack and a bell. Even though a bicycle helmet is not an equipment attached to the bicycle, it is allowed as part of the bicycle benefit if purchased as part of the bicycle benefit bike.

The bicycle benefit does not include other than previously mentioned permanently attached objects and equipment. For example parking support, distance-, speed-, and power-meter, bottle and -stand, bicycle shoes and -clothes, side bags, pump, bicycle trailer or children seat are not acceptable permanent equipment.

2. Filling the order form to GoByBike

Fill up the order in our partner portal with information of the bicycle and the customer. Always ask from the employee their GoByBike account number / order code, so that the order can be handled without issues. The employee in question has received a code in their e-mail after registering as a GoByBike user. 

3. Confirmation from the employer

After receiving an order form from you, we will create a lease contract to the customer and send it to the customer and to their employer for filling and for their signature. This process usually takes between 1 and 3 business days.

4. Notice regarding the permit to hand over the bicycle

Once the customer and their employer have both accepted the order, we will send you a notification of permit to hand over the bicycle. At this point we agree to pay the bicycle bill.

5. Handing over the bicycle to the customer and billing

After receiving the permit to hand over the bicycle, you can agree to the details regarding handing over the bicycle directly with the customer. Attached to the permit to hand over the bicycle, you will also receive the billing details. Our payment condition is 14 days after the customer has received the bicycle.

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