Maintenance of bicycle benefit bicycles

A customer can freely choose whether they want to pay for the maintenance of their bicycle benefit bike by themselves or bill the service from GoByBike. If the service is billed from GoByBike, we will seek approval for the bill from the customer and based on the expenses of the maintenance their lease period duration will extend from the original one.

Basically the only difference between maintaining GoByBike bicycle benefit bicycles and normal maintenance of bicycles is the billing.

  • All GoByBike bicycle benefit bicycles include the possibility of maintenance. GoByBike does not enforce the customer to maintain the bicycle, but they are free to do this based on their own need.
  • When a customer brings a GoByBike bicycle benefit bicycle to be maintained, you can agree upon the needed maintenance with them directly.
  • Give the customer an evaluation of maintenance costs as with any regular maintenance.
  • Once the maintenance has been completed and costs have been actualised, send us the bill with breakdown of maintenance procedures (billing instruction can be found below).
  • GoByBike will send the bill to the customer to be approved.
  • Once the customer has approved the bill, we will inform the bicycle store and pay the bill according to the payment terms.

NOTE! Maintenance and cost of them are always separately approved with the customer by GoByBike. If the maintenance includes work that is not separately agreed upon with the customer, the bicycle store needs to handle them directly with the customer. If the customer makes a reclamation of the maintenance, we will hold payment until the matter has been dealt with between the customer and the bicycle store.

If already by the time of acquiring the bicycle, the customer has included maintenance billed already from GoByBike, there is no need to again report these to GoByBike.

Basically, the maintenance are not limited and worn out parts can be replaced based on the needs and wishes of the customer. Entirely new parts, not in the original bicycle benefit package cannot be included as part of the maintenance costs of the bicycle. The new parts asked by the customer can be separately billed from the customer (e.g. new mud guards, accessories, upgrades to existing parts, etc.)

For any questions and uncertainties, please contact us at or 09 7479 1081.

Billing instructions:

Billing information:
Company: Gobybike Finland Oy (company ID - 3165688-9)

E-invoicing operator: Maventa Oy
E-invoice address: 003731656889
Broker ID (operators): 003721291126

E-mail invoice:

Reference: Customer name and employer
Terms of payment: 14 days from delivery

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