What is a bicycle benefit policy?

Bicycle benefit policy is a document between the employer and employee, in which the terms and conditions regarding the bicycle benefit and possible employer specific specifications. In the bicycle benefit policy, it is good to determine at least the following: employees right to the benefit, the effect of the benefit to salary and practises when changes occur in ones employment contract. 
We strongly encourage you to take bicycle benefit policy into use, as it is the most convenient way for the employer to determine the terms and conditions of the bicycle benefit to their employees. Without the bicycle benefit policy the terms and conditions are not agreed upon in writing and in conflict situations the employer is often at a disadvantage.

How to create a bicycle benefit policy?

As a part of joining our service, we will send you a pre-made bicycle benefit policy to conveniently utilise the bicycle benefit. In the event where you wish to alter or further define the terms and conditions set in the policy, this can be easily done via our customer service (asiakkaat@gobybike.fi). We strongly encourage you to require your employees to sign the bicycle benefit policy before acquiring their bicycle benefit bikes.

Electronic signature makes administration more convenient

GoByBike offers a free electronic signature service to be used with our employees and the bicycle benefit policy, making the administration easy and convenient for you.
We will create an electronic signature and provide you with a link to the bicycle benefit policy to be shared by you, for example via your company's internal communication channels. The electronically signed documents will be automatically sent to your e-mail as PDF-files. If you wish to administer the signatures of bicycle benefit policy by yourselves, or wish to not take it into use, please inform us at asiakkaat@gobybike.fi

Using the electronic signature service for the bicycle benefit policy, we can monitor on your behalf that your employee has signed the bicycle benefit policy before the lease agreement is signed. If needed, we will remind the employee of this and wait for them to sign the bicycle benefit policy before sending the lease agreement forward.

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