Bicycle benefit in payroll administration

Monthly reports help with administration of the bicycle benefit 

At the beginning of each month you will receive a monthly report, in which you can conveniently and easily see all of new, ongoing and active as well as already finished lease agreements. 

The lease period always begins the first day of the following month after the bike has been confirmed to have been received. For example, if an employee receives a bike 14.2. and confirms the bike to have been received, the lease period begins starting from 1.3. 

The easiest and most convenient way to administer the bicycle benefit in payrolls, is as an ongoing benefit to employee which is set as active at the start of the lease period and deactivated upon the end of the benefit.

Informing the income register of the bicycle benefit varies slightly depending on if you offer some amount or all of the taxable amount of the benefit on top of employees salary. Please contact us (, and we will send you further instructions regarding payroll administration if needed. For further information you can also familiarise yourself with income registers instructions, section 1.1.3 Bicycle benefit. Through GoByBike, the value of bicycle benefit is always 100 € / month.

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