Bicycle benefit bike theft, vandalism and damage protection

GoByBike grants to the object agreed upon in the lease agreement an insurance against sudden and unexpected damage or theft. 

Theft, vandalism and damage protection covers the repair or replacement in the following situations:

  • Unintentional damage (from sudden or unexpected event that causes unintentional harm, damage, or destruction to the bike in a way that after said incident the bike is no longer operable)
  • Unintentional loss (unexpected incident which causes the user to unintentionally lose the leased object.)
  • Theft (Loss of the leased object, damaging or destruction of it without consent from the user to said event or provable use of force or threat of violence)

The replacement value of the leased object is the purchase price with a 1% age deduction per month since purchase.

The bicycle benefit bikes theft, vandalism and damage protection is only in effect if the bike is locked with an approved lock and the keys to said lock have been registered beforehand to GoByBike (register your lock).

Theft, vandalism and damage protection is also in effect when abroad.

The deductible value of theft, vandalism and damage protection is 200 €.

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