GoByBike implementation, instructions and publication for employees

GoByBike service is an easy and quick process to deploy.  As part of joining the service, we will send you all the required materials you need to easily publish the benefit to your employees.

1. Signing the electronic contract

The first step when joining the service is signing the electronic service agreement. Fill in the electronic contract here. We will process received contracts within a few business days, after which you will receive an electronic service agreement to be signed. Note that the person signing the service agreement needs to have the right to sign contracts in your company. Also as part of the service agreement process we will also check the credit rating of your company. 

Have you not joined our service yet?

Fill in your company information on our introduction page, and we will send you the service agreements to be electrically signed.

2. Bicycle benefit policy

As part of joining our service, we will create and send you a bicycle benefit policy. We strongly encourage you to first familiarize and then implement it into practice already before publishing the benefit.

3. Electronic signatures for bicycle benefit policy

We also strongly encourage, that employees sign the bicycle benefit policy already before acquiring their bikes. This way, the employer can ensure that the employees have familiarized themselves with the terms and conditions of the benefit and understand the possible obligations related to redeeming the bicycle for example.

As part of our service, we offer the option of free electronic signature -service for the bicycle benefit policy signatures. You will receive a custom made link to, through which your employees can easily sign the bicycle benefit policy electronically. This way there is no need for scanning and printing the contracts and managing the contracts is easy.

It is also an option to protect the bicycle benefit policy with a password. If you wish to do so, you can reply to the bicycle benefit policy e-mail we sent you with a password request and we will add it to the already created file.

4. Promoting the benefit to your employees

You will receive a pre-made set of materials as part of the process that you can utilise when promoting the benefit to your employees:

  • Instructions on bicycle benefit implementation and usage of it (PDF)
  • An example of a publication message (Word)

All you need to do is update the custom made signature link of your bicycle benefit policy to the publication message.

Acquiring the bikes

For detailed instruction on acquiring the bike, please see our employee instructions -page (in Finnish).

5. Creating an Adobe-account

The bicycle benefit is now at your employees disposal!

The last step of the implementation process is creating an Abobe-account using the e-mail address you assigned as the one used to sign lease agreements in you service agreement. If you are unsure of the address, please contact us at asiakkaat@gobybike.fi and we will gladly assist you.

Creating Adobe-account only takes a few moments. Using the account, you can manage existing contracts and sign lease agreements easily, conveniently and quickly, so we encourage you to create one!

For further instructions on how to create your Adobe-account, see here (in Finnish).

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